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COVID-19, one year later


It’s been one year since COVID-19 began impacting us, and the world has changed in ways we could have never anticipated

Even with vaccine distribution providing hope, the recovery process to return to “normal” has yet to begin for many people and organizations. Below are just a few of the areas that continue to be impacted in unique ways one year later, and how you can help them move forward.

Small Businesses

Small businesses account for 44% of US economic activity, including over $150B from Black-owned businesses. In light of COVID-19 and a shifting economy, these disadvantaged businesses are in desperate need of support and resources to navigate the recovery and get back to growth.

The American Dream Fund (ADF) was created to fund the critical needs of Black-owned businesses to catalyze the recovery from the pandemic while also creating a sustainable ecosystem for long-term success. The National Black Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Goodnation and TagFi to help raise donations, which will in turn provide cash grants, exclusive resources and support through strategic partnerships.

So far, the ADF has distributed 30,000 masks and $72,000 in grants to Black small-owned businesses across the country.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Visit The American Dream Fund to learn more and make a donation


According to the World Bank, we’re seeing the worst crisis in education and learning in 100 years. Today 700M students are schooling at home. These students face unique challenges such as uncertainty about the future, lack of at-home resources, navigating hybrid models, as well as the enduring overall psychological impact of the pandemic. These dynamics are particularly difficult for students in low-income families living in communities hard hit.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Search on Goodnation for nonprofits under the Education cause in geographic areas you care about. Support quality education.


According to a recent New York Times article, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia found that home renters who lost jobs in the past year had amassed $11B in rental arrears, even while many are cutting back on other basic need expenses. The current federal moratorium on evictions does not affect the rental expenses piling up for families across the country.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION:  Search on Goodnation for nonprofits under the Housing and Homelessness cause in geographic areas you care about. Support affordable housing.


In the past year, arts programs have seen a significant impact on funding and support as they have to halt or drastically adjust their programming and as donors’ attention shifts towards supporting basic needs. This setback could mean that the art programs, so central to connecting communities and important in our overall healing process, may not be there when needed most.

HOW TO TAKE ACTION: Search on Goodnation for nonprofits under the Arts cause in geographic areas you care about, such as the below groups. Support access to the arts.

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