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Goodnation is where donors turn to make meaningful change in the world.

We vet high-performing organizations serving the communities you care about and then make it easy and rewarding for you to support them and see the impact you’re making over time. 

Goodnation 2020 Year in Review: Empowering donors to give with impact and meaning

Goodnation has helped thoughtful donors gift over $13M to high-performing nonprofits

How it works

The issue

Almost half of major donors cite identifying what causes they care most about as a challenge to their charitable decision making.

Here's how Goodnation helps connect donors to high-performing charities in a meaningful way.

Platform and advisor

With the combination of the Goodnation platform and the personal service of a Philanthropy Advisor, it’s easy to find and fund high-performing charities that reflect what matters deeply to you.

Through Goodnation you'll create your personal giving portfolio, where you decide which and how many organizations to support and, based on their impact, whether to renew your gift to them in future years.

➊ Giving survey

First, we identify your unique core values and the causes you're interested in supporting.

A conversation with your Goodnation Philanthropy Advisor explores these desires, and the change you hope to help create, even further.

➋ Your giving portfolio

Next, we present you with a recommended list of high-performing charities based on your interests.

On the Goodnation platform you can dive into the work and impact of each charity, adjust your list and explore more options as you decide where you want to make an impact.

➌ Your gifts

Your Philanthropy Advisor helps you process your gifts and manage your philanthropic activity, all in your dashboard.

Your giving journey doesn't end there; your Philanthropy Advisor shares impact updates from your charities, facilitates site visits and other engagement opportunities and begins the gift renewal process when the time comes.


Our services are free of charge so that you can focus on growing your impact.

Recipient charities cover Goodnation's costs up to 5% of each gift, which is five times less than industry standards for fundraising costs.

Together, we maximize your donations and grow impact.

How it works


Leveraging data from professional foundations, Goodnation sources and vets high-impact organizations across 30+ cause areas.


Find organizations that reflect your personal interests and values through our online platform, a personal philanthropy advisor or a combination. Or, support one of our rotating campaigns focused on a current event.


Add your selected groups to your personal giving plan and securely fund them through our platform using your preferred payment method. 

Amplify and Engage

We’ll send you regular updates so you can track the impact your dollars are having and decide whether to reinvest them. Additionally, work with your philanthropy advisor to increase engagement with your organizations through site visits, board involvement, volunteer opportunities and more.


How to give through Goodnation

Whether you give to one of our targeted funds addressing our world's most pressing current needs or want to take a more personalized approach and support specific nonprofits through our philanthropy advising platform and service, Goodnation makes it easy and rewarding for you to give to vetted high-performing organizations addressing causes you care about and then see the impact you’re making.

Your Personal Giving Fund

Leveraging technology in combination with guidance from a Philanthropy Advisor, a curated list of giving options is generated to consider for your personal giving fund. Whether you want to make an impact on education, the environment, women and girls or any of our other 30+ cause areas, we'll help you find nonprofits to support that are meaningful to you.


Nonprofits can learn more and apply here.

Racial Justice Fund

The Racial Justice Fund is an effective way for you to support impactful nonprofits dedicated to uplifting and empowering Black and other marginalized communities and tackling the issues that disproportionately impact them.


One for Democracy Fund

The One For Democracy Fund maximizes the impact of your donation to vetted groups with proven achievements in advancing voter registration, protection and mobilization, and that are poised to pivot their approach in response to COVID-19, to strengthen our democracy in 2020 and beyond.


View more funds here.

Goodnation is selective

We only focus on high-impact nonprofits so you feel confident that you’re making smart giving decisions. Here’s how we source and vet the giving options available to you through Goodnation.


Professional foundations that are committed to advancing the highest quality of work invest heavily to find the best nonprofits, structure grants to them and monitor their progress. Their staff is made up of experts in their program areas, with a deep understanding of what it means for a nonprofit to be successful in their mission. To select the nonprofits on Goodnation, we work with these leading foundations, including:


Each nonprofit has an individual profile on the Goodnation platform that includes their mission, impact statistics, program details, leadership information and more, so you can smartly choose which organizations to support. Some of the high-performing nonprofits on the platform include:


Our nonprofits fall under more than 30 different causes. On the platform, you can dive deeper into each cause, exploring the issue at hand and what nonprofits fall under it.


Animal Welfare


Civic Engagement

Coexistence and Peace

College and Career

Community Services

Criminal Justice

Disaster Relief

Early Childhood

Economic Opportunity

Education - Jewish

Education - Special Needs

Elementary School




Homelessness and Housing


Immigrants & Refugees

Israel Education and Advocacy

Israeli Society

Jewish Identity

Jewish Summer Programs


Middle and High School

People with Disabilities

Racial Justice


Social Justice

Survivors of Abuse

Technology for Good

Veterans and First Responders

Violence Prevention

Women and Girls

Youth Development


Goodnation takes a values-based approach to our philanthropy advising. We ask our nonprofits to select the value that best represents how they approach their mission, and we ask our donors to identify their core values, admittedly not an easy exercise. We use this information to strengthen the match between our donors and nonprofits. For example, two organizations with the core mission of increased college access may approach their work completely differently, and it’s important that difference is reflected to our donors before they decide where to direct their giving.

Goodnation Score

Each nonprofit is rated using the unique Goodnation Score, which we’ve built as a quantitative scoring system that takes into account the investments of the most rigorous professional foundations while also assessing the current financial health and governance of the nonprofit. Thanks to how we source organizations, we feel confident that all of those on Goodnation are smart giving opportunities, but the score allows us to take a deeper look for added assurance.

Partners and supporters

Thank you to our partners and supporters, including the following, for amplifying the mission of Goodnation.

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