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Goodnation is the first philanthropic advising platform that uses a values-based approach to match you with top-performing charities that create real impact, making it easy and rewarding to build your own giving portfolio.

Every selection is personal, but the impact is shared.


How Goodnation Works

Goodnation is Selective

Using data from leading foundations, we identify top-performing charities falling under more than 20 different causes and rate them using Goodnation’s scoring system. All of this is organized for you on the Goodnation Platform.

Goodnation is Personal

Goodnation recommends charities that match your personal values and ideals, so you feel confident about the change you’re making through your giving.

Goodnation is Actionable and Enduring

Your donations make a real impact on the causes you care about most. We share regular charity impact updates so you know just how your contributions are making a difference. These updates also help you refine your Giving List over time.

Our Causes and Charities

Our charities fall under more than 20 different causes:

Professional foundations that are committed to advancing the highest quality of work invest heavily to find the best charities, structure grants to them and monitor their progress. To select the charities on the Goodnation Giving Platform, we look to these leading foundations that have a deep body of knowledge of the highest-performing charities. Some of these foundations include:

Each charity has an individual profile on the Giving Platform that includes their mission, impact statistics, program details, leadership information and more, so you can smartly choose which organizations to support. Some of the high-performing charities on the Goodnation Giving Platform include:

Additionally, each charity is rated using the unique Goodnation Score, which we have built as a quantitative scoring system that takes into account the investments of the most rigorous professional foundations while rating the current financial health of the nonprofit, its leadership and its governance. We feel confident that all of the charities on Goodnation are smart giving opportunities, but the score allows you to take a closer look at these factors, if you are interested.