Father's Day Charity Spotlight: Extreme Kids & Crew


Extreme Kids & Crew is a welcoming space where children with disabilities and their families socialize, create and play.

This Father's Day, we're looking at Extreme Kids & Crew, a charity on the Goodnation Giving Platform.

There are many kids throughout New York City who have a wide range of physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities and live in a society that has not adapted to support their their academic success, independence and ability to make friends. Their parents grapple with feelings of fatigue and isolation as well as financial constraints.

A Space to Be

Extreme Kids & Crew is a place where families can meet, play and connect outside of their homes and outside of doctors’ offices. They provide inclusive community experiences and the kinds of social activities and play in which friendships flourish, including after-school and summer camp programs, open play, classes and social groups, parent groups, and monthly art and special events. They do not offer therapy, but a play-space where families share resources, stories, tears and laughter while children play and take part in inclusive arts programming that is open to all members of the family. They consider themselves simply, A SPACE TO BE.

They served 375 families in 2018 and 83% of their families reported that their child feels a sense of belonging at Extreme Kids.

"We found a space where, as parents, we could feel that Ruben was free to be himself. We've met other parents who have kids who are extreme in some way, and there's just a nice community feeling."

To make a meaningful impact through Extreme Kids or Crew or other high-performing charities, tell us a little more about yourself and we’ll be in touch.

Photo credit: Filip Wolak

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