Individuals, Families, Private Foundations

Goodnation works directly with individuals, families and private foundations to match you with top-performing charities based on your interests, personal values and philanthropic goals.


Start giving today!

  1. Complete your giving survey: Share your values, interests and philanthropic goals.
  2. Explore your matches: Log on to your personal portfolio on the Goodnation platform and explore high-performing charities recommended to you.
  3. Connect with your Philanthropy Advisor: Learn more about the mission and impact of charities that align with your interests and develop a meaningful and high-impact charitable giving plan.
  4. Make your gift: Give to the charities of your choice all in one place on the Goodnation platform.
  5. Stay updated: Your personal portfolio will track all of your giving, and we’ll keep you up to date with impact updates from the charities you support and opportunities for deeper engagement.

The benefits of giving through Goodnation

  • Personal Matches: Through a combination of the Goodnation platform and your personal Philanthropy Advisor, get matched with high-performing charities based on your own interests and values.
  • Philanthropy Advising: Your personal Advisor will guide you through the giving process and be your point person for all of your charitable giving.
  • Personal Giving Portfolio: You decide which and how many organizations to support and, based on their impact, whether to renew your gift to them next year.
  • Knowledge: Explore and dive deeper into causes and charities that are meaningful to you, both on the Goodnation platform and through donor engagement opportunities.
  • Impact Updates: Stay informed throughout the year about how your gift is being put to use.
  • Community: Join a network of other generous donors who are committed to making a meaningful impact.
  • No Cost: Our services are offered at no cost to you, the donor!