Goodnation is a philanthropic advising platform and service that uses a values-based approach to match donors with top-performing nonprofits like yours, based on their interests, personal values and philanthropic goals. Join the hundreds of other high-impact nonprofits on the Goodnation platform who are making a difference in communities around the world.


Steps to join:

Why Join Goodnation?

Goodnation aims to make philanthropy more meaningful and impactful both for donors and the nonprofits they support by using a values-based approach to bringing these two groups together. In doing so, we hope to relieve nonprofits of the time and energy that goes into acquiring and maintaining donor relationships, and make giving more meaningful and effective for donors.


  • Acquires new donors through unique partnerships,
    including donor-advised funds
  • Makes a strong donor match
  • Maintains the donor relationship
  • Guides the donor’s gift renewal process
  • Provides donors the services of the Goodnation platform
    and personal Philanthropy Advising

How we select nonprofits

With over 1.5M nonprofits in the US, how does a donor make smart choices? Using data from leading foundations and in-depth research, we identify top-performing nonprofits to help narrow their options down. An active foundation grant is the first requirement to be eligible to join Goodnation.


In order to ensure each nonprofit on the platform is a smart giving opportunity for donors, we apply Goodnation’s quantitative scoring system, taking into account the investments of foundations while rating the current financial health of the nonprofit and its governance. Applicants that pass the minimum score will be invited to officially join Goodnation.

Cause areas and values

Once you’re invited to join Goodnation, with your help, we categorize your nonprofit into up to two cause areas to help donors select nonprofits that are making a difference in the areas they care most about. We also ask you to identify your organization’s core values to help make strong, meaningful donor matches.


Animal Welfare


Civic Engagement

Coexistence and Peace

College and Career

Community Services

Criminal Justice

Disaster Relief

Early Childhood

Economic Opportunity

Education - Jewish

Education - Special Needs

Elementary School




Homelessness and Housing


Immigrants & Refugees

Israel Education and Advocacy

Israeli Society

Jewish Identity

Jewish Summer Programs


Middle and High School

People with Disabilities

Racial Justice


Social Justice

Survivors of Abuse

Technology for Good

Veterans and First Responders

Violence Prevention

Women and Girls

Youth Development

Donor giving journey

  • Giving Survey: We dive into the donor’s interests and core values
  • Giving Portfolio: We recommend nonprofits that reflect each donor’s unique interests and preferences
  • Gifts: We process gifts and help donors direct and manage their philanthropic activity
  • Ongoing support: We share impact updates, facilitate donor engagement opportunities and guide the renewal process

Your role

  • Platform page: Help us populate your page to share your work with donors
  • Impact updates: Once funded, share brief updates three times a year along with supporting documents
  • Donor engagement: We work closely with you to schedule requested site visits and meetings with donors
  • Communications with donors: Share any communication with us and we will pass it on to your donor(s)

Your relationship with the donor

Goodnation donors value having all their philanthropic activity and communications coordinated in one place, rather than receiving multiple meeting and solicitation requests from the organizations they support. Since we serve as the central hub for our donor’s philanthropic activity, we ask that nonprofits communicate with your Goodnation donors through us, rather than directly, unless otherwise indicated by the donor.

Our goal is to strengthen our donor’s giving, ensure their philanthropic journey is organized and seamless and take some of the burden off nonprofits.


Up to 5% of each gift remains with the Goodnation Foundation to go towards the research and onboarding of high-performing nonprofits to the platform.

Next steps

1. Submit your application
2. We will review your information and be in touch

  • Documents and information needed:
  • Yours or your fiscal sponsor’s EIN
  • Your current foundation support
  • Governance information including number of voting members, conflicts of interest, if meetings are documented and if 990s were distributed to members

If you would still like to learn more, contact us with your questions at

Nonprofit FAQ

How many nonprofits are on the Goodnation platform?
Currently around 800, and growing!

What’s the average gift size?

Goodnation focuses on major donors and so far, gift sizes range from $10-30K each in an average giving portfolio of 8-12 nonprofits. To date, $12M has been donated through Goodnation to high-performing nonprofits, and we’re just getting started!

How does Goodnation acquire donors?
Goodnation partners directly with donor-advised funds and wealth advisors to better serve their clients who are interested in optimizing their philanthropy.

Are donors anonymous? 
Only if they wish to be.

Can I share annual reports, newsletters, and other documents with our donor(s)?
Yes, there is opportunity to upload these materials along with your regular impact updates.

What’s our relationship with the donor?
Think of Goodnation as a foundation made up of multiple individual donors. We relieve you of the work that comes with acquiring and stewarding donors. We've designed our model with this in mind so you can continue to focus on your mission and we can maximize the giving potential of our donors. 

We may reach out to schedule site visits or volunteer opportunities, and we ask that you share engagement opportunities with us that we can pass on to your donor(s). Keep us informed about the impact of your work and exciting new updates, and that will enable us and our philanthropy advisors to maximize the potential giving of Goodnation donors to your mission.

If we haven't answered your question, contact us at