The US Women’s Soccer Team are 2019 World Cup Champions!


What does this have to do with philanthropy?

This week the US Women’s National Soccer Team won the 2019 Women’s World Cup - for the 4th time! 

This achievement stands for so much and reminds us of some of the inspiring missions found on the Goodnation platform.  

Women’s empowerment, leadership and equality

YWCA Brooklyn empowers women by providing safe homes for survivors, college access for low-income girls and education for immigrant women.

MicroDreams Foundation provides microfinance services, primarily to women in communities that are overlooked and unserved

New Women New Yorkers empowers immigrant women to enter the NYC workforce and build community

Young Women's Leadership Network provides a single-sex educational choice for girls from low-income communities who are often the first in their families to attend college.

These are just a few of the missions on the Goodnation platform supporting female leadership and equality.

Sports as a youth development tool

StreetSquash, CitySquash, Harlem Lacrosse, ROW New York, STEM From Dance, MOVE(NYC) and Urban Dove are some of the organizations on the platform using sports to support students in achieving academic potential and personal growth. These groups use the power of squash, lacrosse, dance, rowing, basketball and more to fulfill their missions.

Learn more about these great groups and add them to your personal giving portfolio. Get started by telling us a little more about yourself and we’ll be in touch.

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