The Goodnation Coronavirus Response Fund


Goodnation has built a smart and effective way for you to help vulnerable communities affected by the coronavirus.

In partnership with National VOAD, Goodnation has created the Coronavirus Response Fund to focus on our most vulnerable populations, including seniors, the homeless, families living in poverty, people with disabilities and students in need. Goodnation’s Coronavirus Response Fund enables you to get funding where and when it is most needed across the country and world.

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Your support can help mitigate the inevitable effects the coronavirus will have on community health and beyond. You support will go towards:

  • Disaster Response to care for the most vulnerable across the 56 US states and territories.
  • Local Support by nonprofits already on the front lines in US communities.
  • Global Intervention by leading international health and relief organizations.

Donate today

Fund update

We’re excited to share that as of April 1, we’ve raised over $125,000 and disbursed our first gifts to nonprofits on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. These inspiring organizations are supporting vulnerable populations around the country and world and are addressing urgent issues of hunger, homelessness, unemployment, health and more. Visit the Fund page for future updates.

This is an incredible start, but as needs are increasing exponentially, we encourage you to join us by making a gift today.

Photo credit: World Central Kitchen

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