Returning to school during a pandemic


Schools are facing unprecedented challenges

This fall brings unprecedented challenges for schools as they attempt to reopen in a manner that is safe for students and staff, meets the varied learning needs of children and avoids compounding inequities in opportunities based on family socioeconomic status.

According to the New York Times, “The American Federation of Teachers, a national union, has estimated that in order to safely and effectively reopen, the nation’s schools will need an additional $116 billion to cover costs such as reducing class sizes, increasing cleaning staff, and hiring counselors and educators to help students recover from the emotional and academic impact of the pandemic.”

Even for schools that don't plan to physically reopen, extra support is required to bring devices and internet into the homes of the millions of students who live without the crucial technology that can prevent them from falling behind their peers. According to a 2018 study, one in three Black, Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native families feel the impact of this situation.

It's clear that schools across the country are reopening under unique and challenging circumstances. Find and support nonprofits on Goodnation that are working extremely hard to address these difficulties posed by the coronavirus pandemic, helping students, teachers and parents safely readjust to their new normal.  

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Photo credit: Uncommon Schools

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