Rethinking Corporate Giving


Companies and their employees face many challenges when looking to give back.

Goodnation compels donors to rethink their charitable giving and provides them with tools that make it easy to find top-performing charities that reflect their values and interests. Our donors know that giving back in a meaningful and impactful way is not only important, but extremely rewarding. Does the same apply in the corporate world?

It is well documented that people seek out companies that include social responsibility as a core tenet of their work, but by taking workplace giving to the next level, companies can benefit from a more motivated and engaged workforce, as well as higher employee retention and the ability to attract top talent.

Companies and their employees face many challenges when looking to give back. The first is one faced by all donors: where do I give? It’s common for a company to choose a few select charities for their employees to support, but according to a 2017 study from America’s Charities, 63% of workplace donors say it is valuable to have their choice of nonprofits or causes they can give to through their employer. Choice matters, and making the right choice for you can make all the difference in the impact of your gift.

Another challenge hindering the potential ease and impact of corporate giving comes into play after an employee’s gift has been made. A highly popular method of corporate giving is gift-matching, where a company matches charitable gifts made by employees. These programs, while well-intentioned, are often overlooked by employees due to the extensive processes and forms involved to take advantage of the match. In fact, while 9 out of 10 corporations match employee donations, an estimated $4-$7 billion in matching gift funds goes unclaimed every year.

By putting the Goodnation platform and advisors to work in corporate giving, we empower employees to find and support the causes that matter most to them. On top of that, every gift can be automatically matched and amplified in just a few clicks. Employees also benefit from the added perk of personalized service from Goodnation’s experienced Philanthropy Advisors to ensure they’re able to find the charities that align with their giving goals. By making the right match, Goodnation facilitates meaningful, long-lasting relationships between donors and charities, which can lead to board service and other engagement opportunities. 

Ninety percent of companies report that providing effective employee engagement programs helps them attract and retain employees.

We’re here to help companies rethink corporate giving to maximize the impact they can have with their employees and in the world. 

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