Racial Justice Fund


Uplift and empower Black communities

A couple of weeks ago, Goodnation joined millions of others across the world when we stated that Black Lives Matter.

In that statement, we vowed to continue to do our part to dismantle injustice, including by recognizing and lifting up people of color and bringing resources to organizations that value diversity and inclusion and that work to prevent violence, injustice and inequality.

Today, on Juneteenth, we’re proud to introduce Goodnation’s Racial Justice Fund, which offers an effective way for you to support impactful nonprofits dedicated to uplifting and empowering Black and other marginalized communities, and tackling the issues that disproportionately impact them. Each of the nonprofits in the fund is either led or co-led by a person of color, whose voices and priorities should be centered in the conversation on racial justice.

The nonprofits in the fund work to achieve racial justice and equity through the following strategies:

  • Building consciousness and leading conversations
  • Engaging communities of color on civic issues
  • Combating police brutality, mass incarceration and other injustices in the legal system

Support the fund

Visit the Racial Justice Fund to learn more about the nonprofits included and to make an easy and secure gift to support them all.

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