Mother's Day Charity Spotlight: Common Sense Media


Common Sense Media works to build a digital world where our kids can thrive and harness technology as a positive force.

This Mother's Day, we're looking at Common Sense Media, a charity on the Goodnation Giving Platform.

Concerns about the societal, mental and physical impact of technology, especially on kids, are growing. In today’s world, kids’ interaction with technology start as young as infancy; nearly every child under eight has access to a mobile device at home and, worldwide, youth represent 1 in 3 internet users. Common Sense Media knows that while technology can be a catalytic force for learning, its overwhelming presence can have real risks and costs, such as cyberbullying, privacy violations, hate speech and tech addiction.

An Invaluable Resource

Common Sense Media is well-known for their media reviews, helping families navigate what books, shows and movies are appropriate to consume. They’ve also launched the first-ever ratings system for learning potential so teachers and parents can understand the educational value of new apps aimed at kids.

"Common Sense provides the tools to help me make the decisions that make sense for my specific children given their emerging values, their maturity levels, and their interests."

They also offer free curriculums and advice, explaining the different social media apps, suggesting how to limit screen time, how to deal with cyberbullying and more! So many moms and dads rely heavily on Common Sense Media for time-saving and invaluable insight when it comes to making digital decisions for the family. Their research provides reliable, independent data on the impact of media and tech use on kids' physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

Their media reviews and technology advice reach over 100 million users a year through their website.

"I rely on Common Sense Media to help me decide what movies my children watch and what games they download. I often print the reviews so that my children can read them. When they see what other people are saying - not just what Mom says - they are more likely to understand."

Celebrating Mom

Common Sense Media shared a few fun ideas with us to help celebrate mom today and all year long!

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