Maximize your giving with our Philanthropy Advising service


Benefits of working with a Philanthropy Advisor

Working with a Philanthropy Advisor is a great way to ensure you make the greatest impact possible through your philanthropy. Although you can navigate the Goodnation platform on your own, we recommend talking to a Philanthropy Advisor for a few reasons:  


Meet Emily Ball, Goodnation's Philanthropy Advisor. Emily has broad expertise in philanthropic planning for families and individuals and holds the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP) professional designation.

Personalized Recommendations

After learning more about your philanthropic interests and goals through a phone conversation, Emily will make personalized recommendations that you may not have found on your own. Enjoy discovering a list of new nonprofits curated just for you.

Questions Answered

Have questions about the process, about Goodnation or about a nonprofit? Have all your questions answered directly from an expert.

Gift Amounts

Emily can not only help you decide which organizations to support, but how much to give in order to maximize your impact, based on each organization's needs and budget.

No charge

Goodnation offers our philanthropy advising service at no charge to our donors.

Get started by telling us more about your philanthropic interests in our giving survey.

Give through Goodnation on your own

If you prefer to navigate your giving on your own, feel free to do so by logging on to the platform or signing up for a free account. After answering a few questions about your giving preference, our platform will recommend a handful of organizations that meet your interests, and you can also filter through the more than 800 vetted nonprofits we offer to find what other groups are right for you before completing your donations on the platform.

Additionally, we update our funds based on current events, so you can quickly and effectively respond to urgent causes you care about. Our funds live on our website as well as our platform.

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