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How to support small Black-owned businesses affected by COVID-19


These disadvantaged businesses are in desperate need of support

Small businesses account for 44% of US economic activity, including over $150B from Black-owned businesses. In light of COVID-19 and a shifting economy, these disadvantaged businesses are in desperate need of support and resources to navigate the recovery and get back to growth.

The American Dream Fund (ADF) was created to fund the critical needs of Black-owned businesses to catalyze the recovery from the pandemic while also creating a sustainable ecosystem for long-term success. The National Black Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Goodnation and TagFi to help raise donations, which will in turn provide cash grants, exclusive resources and support through strategic partnerships.

support Black owned small businesses

So far, the ADF has distributed 30,000 masks and $72,000 in grants to small Black-owned businesses across the country.

How to take action: Visit The American Dream Fund to learn more and make a donation

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