How to Help the Victims of Hurricane Dorian


How to bring relief to the islands of the Bahamas

As you know, Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas this weekend as a Category 5 storm, the strongest ever to hit the islands, and stayed put for three days. Thousands of cars, homes and power lines have been torn down, flooded and wiped away and the islands continue to experience heavy flooding. At least seven deaths have been confirmed and the number is expected to grow.

The people of the Bahamas need our help

The Clara Lionel Foundation, founded by Rihanna, is one of the charities on the Goodnation platform taking immediate action. They're assessing the need and working closely with partners on the ground who are providing meals, medical care, medical supplies, clean water and more to the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Other charities on the Goodnation platform that are providing relief to victims include IOCC, Afya Foundation and Waterkeeper Alliance.

Learn more about these groups and others on the Goodnation platform and add them to your giving portfolio. If you're ready to make a gift to them immediately, contact Emily Ball, your Goodnation Philanthropy Advisor.  

Photo credit: Direct Relief

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