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Goodnation Included in Life & Wealth Network


Conway Wealth Group Life & Wealth Network™

As Goodnation grows our philanthropic advising services, we work closely with partners such as wealth advisors who are interested in expanding their services to their clients beyond the traditional scope.

To that end, we are proud to announce our recent inclusion in the Life & Wealth Network™, an exclusive association of professionals and platforms providing expert guidance in various areas of life, including health, relationships, leisure, security and charitable giving. Our friends at Conway Wealth launched the network as an extension of its mission to provide holistic solutions beyond traditional wealth management services, focusing not just on financial gains but gains in the areas of life that create lasting happiness.

We were also honored to have accepted Conway Wealth Group’s 2019 Aligning Life & Wealth Award earlier this year. Conway's mission is to guide families to find satisfaction beyond the numbers and they recognize that Goodnation embodies this by empowering donors to find deeper fulfillment through charitable giving. For that recognition, we are grateful. You can read the full interview, where Rob Hansen, Goodnation’s founder, answers questions about the importance of meaningful giving.

Rob Hansen accepting Conway Wealth Group's 2019 Aligning Life & Wealth Award

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