Goodnation 2019 Year in Review


In 2019, the number of Goodnation donors grew by more than 600% and their giving options grew by more than double.

Through a mix of technology and humans, Goodnation makes giving more meaningful and impactful by connecting donors with high-performing nonprofits. In 2019, the number of giving options on the Goodnation platform more than doubled, expanding into additional regions across the world and additional cause areas, making it easier for donors to find what they care about, and the number of donors engaged with Goodnation grew by more than 600%!

Together, Goodnation donors and charities accomplished so much because they each see the value in Goodnation’s mission of meaningfully growing giving. 

“As with many nonprofit organizations, we’ve really prioritized investing in programs, investing in services for young people, not necessarily building a giant operations or development team. Goodnation makes it possible for more people to know what we’re doing and really help us make positive change happen.” 

- Jill Eisenhard, Red Hook Initiative Executive Director

“There are just so many organizations out there, and it’s challenging to find the one where you can have a meaningful relationship. Goodnation helped me identify that organization where I can combine financial support with real engagement.”

 - Diane Oshin, Goodnation donor 

Watch this video to hear directly from Goodnation charities and donors like Red Hook Initiative and Diane:

In 2019, Goodnation donors made thoughtful charitable giving decisions and were able to have a meaningful impact on so many important causes and missions. 

18 causes supported in 2019!

College and Career. Disaster relief. Early Childhood. Economic Opportunity. Elementary. Environment. Health. Homelessness and Housing. Hunger. Immigrants and Refugees. Middle and High. Scholarships. Social Justice. Survivors of Abuse. Technology for Good. Veterans and First Responders. Women and Girls. Youth Development.

30 charities supported in 2019!

All Hands and Hearts. American Jewish World Service. BEAM. Billion Oyster Project. City Harvest. Clara Lionel Foundation Climate Resilience Fund. Cristo Rey Brooklyn. Eagle Academy Foundation. Emma's Torch. Genesys Works. Girls Educational and Mentoring Services. GrowNYC. Immigrant Justice Corps. Internationals Network. Jericho Project. New Classrooms. New Women New Yorkers. Pat Tillman Foundation. Physicians for Reproductive Health. Power of Two. Pursuit. Questbridge. Root Capital. STRIVE International. Student Sponsor Partnership, Inc. Teak Fellowship. The Opportunity Network. Uncommon Schools Inc. Upwardly Global. Year Up.

Here is just some of the impact made by Goodnation donors and charities:

College and Career

The Opportunity Network ignites the drive, curiosity, and agency of underrepresented students on their paths to and through college and into thriving careers. 

2019 Highlight: In the 2018–19 program year, 86% of the Class of 2018 Fellows secured employment or graduate school admission within six months of college graduation.

"As a prospective first-generation college student and an early graduating high school senior, I was filled with questions while approaching the college application process. I was introduced to many useful resources through OppNet. From learning about financial aid terms to meeting college admissions officers, OppNet opened doors to a more organized, informed, and relaxed college application process for me. I have yet to submit all my applications, but now I, as OppNet puts it, own the process!”

– Nazifa, OppNet Brand Ambassador and Fellow, and Early Graduating Senior at Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology

Disaster Relief

All Hands and Hearts effectively and efficiently addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters. 

2019 Highlight: In response to Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas, All Hands and Hearts teams have worked on 17 sites and positively impacted 898 people. They are on track to stay in The Bahamas and continue this momentum for 2+ years.

“The devastation here in Abaco (in The Bahamas) is far greater than I could have imagined, but the energy and passion the staff and volunteers bring every day is absolutely incredible. It's infectious and I'm thankful I made the decision to come be a part of this."

- All Hands and Hearts Volunteer

Early Childhood

Power of Two helps parents provide their children with the best care possible, laying the foundation for their success in school and in life.

2019 Highlight: Power of Two expanded services to the South Bronx and exceeded their goal by reaching 339 families through the new location.

“I was homebound, just stayed in bed. Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up program (ABC) got me up and out and taught me how to play with my baby. Something inside me just said, try it. My mom never held me. She left me in the crib. My grandmother told me not to hold my kids either, that that would spoil them. ABC helped me break that down. Started me thinking about my baby's future. Now I know to give him lots of attention.”

- Sharayne, ABC graduate

Immigrants and Refugees

Upwardly Global’s mission is to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees, and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce.

2019 Highlight: More than 1,600 unemployed and underemployed immigrant job seekers were equipped with the skills, one-on-one coaching and social capital needed to confidently and successfully navigate a US-style professional job search.

"I was a professional dietician in Venezuela. Even though I have a master’s degree from a top university in Venezuela, re-licensing in the U.S. was going to take too long, take funds I didn’t have. So I worked odd jobs and long hours. A friend told me about Upwardly Global. Walking into that office for the first time was such a relief. My coach helped me network and explore other opportunities to get back into the healthcare field. I’m now working as a Diet Clerk at a hospital in Chicago."

- Belkina from Venezuela

Veterans and First Responders

Pat Tillman Foundation’s mission is to unite and empower remarkable military veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self.

2019 Highlight: Pat Tillman Foundation welcomed another class of Tillman Scholars, and expanded the network to more than 630 leaders nationwide.

After 9/11, Adrian Perkins felt compelled to join the Army. He accepted a nomination to West Point, where he was the first African American cadet elected class president in school history, and subsequently fought multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After serving, Adrian graduated from Harvard Law School where he was elected its student body president. Following graduation, Perkins returned to his hometown and announced his candidacy for mayor on April 26, 2018. During the campaign, he stressed policing reform, economic development and smart-city initiatives. Perkins was installed as the 56th Mayor of Shreveport in December 2018. 

- 2015 Tillman Scholar

Giving wasn't the only thing that grew in 2019

The Goodnation staff doubled in size last year! In 2019 we hired two Philanthropy Advisors and one Program Officer. See the whole team.

We’re just getting started

We’re just getting started, and we look forward to you being part of our impact in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re a donor, company or nonprofit organization, we want to help you achieve your goals. Follow the links or contact us to learn more. 

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