Charity Spotlight: Pursuit


Pursuit is a social impact organization that creates transformation where it’s needed most.

Elon Jefferson is a 20-year-old African American woman who was born and raised in New York City. Prior to joining Pursuit, Elon's highest formal academic attainment was a GED and she was earning an hourly wage as an assistant instructor for a local after-school club for girls.

She participated in Pursuit’s Core 4.0 and is now a full-time Software Engineer at Dow Jones earning an annual salary of $90,000.

Elon excelled within the Core program and once she completed her training she participated in an intensive interview day held exclusively for Pursuit Fellows at the Dow Jones offices in Manhattan. Elon impressed the hiring team during the interview process and she started her new role in July 2018. She is now a member of a cross-functional team that helps to deliver world-class engineering practices across and other Dow Jones products.

These are the kinds of success stories that come out of Pursuit (formerly Coalition for Queens).

Through their four-year intensive program, Pursuit trains adults with the most need and potential to get their first tech jobs, advance in their careers and become the next generation of leaders in tech. Their graduates are hired by leading companies such as Pinterest, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, BlackRock, and JPMorgan Chase, and increase their average annual salaries from $18,000 to over $85,000.

In addition to providing training and career support, Pursuit’s innovative operating model combines partnerships with tech companies to retrain their blue-collar workers and social impact investments to re-envision funding for outcomes-based organizations. By connecting talent with opportunity, Pursuit empowers graduates to bring change to their families, tech companies, and communities across the nation.

What's next for Pursuit?

Pursuit’s flagship initiative, Pursuit Core, will increase in 2019 by 50% the number of economically disadvantaged adults in New York City served through their software engineering program to reach approximately 216 Fellows.

Goodnation is proud to feature Pursuit under the Technology for Good cause on the Goodnation Platform.

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