Black Lives Matter


Goodnation stands in solidarity

Goodnation is devastated by the recent attacks across the country against Black people, too often resulting in unnecessary fatalities. From Ahmaud Arbery to Breonna Taylor to Christian Cooper to George Floyd and all who came before them and all who will inevitably come after them, if we don’t act.

The inhumane actions by their physical or verbal attackers is part of a larger problem of racism in our country. We stand in solidarity with our friends, family and neighbors who regularly experience acts of discrimination.

As we continue to do our part to dismantle injustice by opening up conversations on racism, by educating ourselves and by recognizing and lifting up people of color, we’re proud to work with inspiring organizations that value diversity and inclusion and  work to prevent violence, injustice and inequality. We also promise to do our part by working to bring resources to these critical organizations.

Join us.

To find an organization that you can meaningfully support right now, please log on to, or sign up for, your Goodnation portfolio or contact a philanthropy advisor at

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