2020 Year in Review


Empowering donors to give with impact and meaning

With the onset of a global pandemic, a historic presidential election and widespread racial unrest, 2020 was a year without precedent. Around the world, we saw our most vulnerable communities devastated by the COVID-19 crisis and millions more impacted by its economic repercussions. In the US, we were reminded of the fragility of our democracy and that our vote matters deeply. We also continued to see that the deep history of racial injustice in our country pervades every aspect of American life.

Over the past year, we’ve been privileged to help bring donors and high-impact nonprofits together to bring bold solutions to the challenges we face. As we reflect on an unprecedented year and look ahead to 2021, Goodnation remains steadfast in our mission to help donors grow the impact of their giving so that together we can help rebuild our communities and make our world a better place for us all.

Thank you to our generous donors, nonprofits and partners for helping us grow our impact together.

We invite you to read more about the impact you helped us create in our 2020 Year in Review.

Rob Hansen
Founder and President

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